Welcome to spiff!

You are here because you would like to do one of 3 things

  • Display your products interactively in 3D
  • Offer customization of your products
  • Offer personalization of your products

Customization defined

Customization is where you offer customers choice across a range of existing options and configurations of your product e.g., Colour, Material, Finish. A customized item usually involves a pick, configure and pack fulfilment process.

Personalization defined

Personalization is where you allow the consumer to upload their own content or make specific choices which fundamentally changes the deliverable from the base product e.g., Upload an image, write a message, manipulated colours of a selected illustration. To Fulfil a personalized item usually involves a printing process either directly onto the product or transferred from a print (label or transfer) to the product.

Spiff Effect

Spiff is the premier tool designed to deliver the above services. A cloud-based business tool used by retailers and ecommerce merchants to drive incremental sales through the delivery and management of an inline personalized or customized experience. Spiff delivers automation and interaction in all aspects of the user journey from user orders right through to fulfilment.

In simpler terms, merchants use spiff to offer choice of their products and we do this while simulating the personability of the instore experience.

Spiff Mantra - simulating the instore experience

Spiff Infrastructure

Spiff Hub

Merchants configure design experiences through the SPIFF HUB. Access to the spiff hub is provided upon installation of the plugin onto your ecommerce store.

From Spiff Hub a merchant can:

  • Link to existing products in their store that they want to offer customization on
  • Builds workflows configurable design steps displayed in the customer facing Spiff 3D product customizer
  • Uploads 3D models - used
  • Request Assets to be created e.g., 3D models, fonts, illustrations etc
  • Create Options with Variants
  • Set Custom Pricing
  • Save Assets (fonts, frames, illustrations, images, 3D models, patchworks)

Spiff 3D Product Customizer

A plugin to a merchant’s online store. Our experience out of the box is delivered via an iframe. Spiff is opaque to the merchants’ consumers. We do not redirect to a new page. A consumer never leaves the merchant’s store. The iframe loads when the spiff plugin is called, usually via a PERSONALIZE NOW button that is rendered on the merchant’s products page.