Steps can either be displayed individually or in scenes. Keeping a step by itself is a good way to keep consumers focused on one step at a time. This can be important to not overload the user with information. However if the step relates directly to another step it can be a clean way to show this to the user my putting them in a scene together.

When adding scenes also be aware of how it will show on mobile and desktop.

This is what an workflow looks like that has three steps put into a scene on desktop. Notice how in the corner it's 1/2 steps.

This is what it's like then the steps are seperate. Notice how in the corner it's out of 4 steps.

It doesn't matter if your steps are in a group or not they will still do the exact same thing. The only change it makes is how they are displayed.

Adding Scenes

It's very easy to add a scenes. Simply press the Add Scene button. You can name it anything you like.

Once you have created a scene you can now add as many steps to it as you like!