Conditions allow you to show additional steps in your workflow depending on the user's selection for an earlier step. They are set in the actual step you want to appear conditionally.

How To Use

  1. Create your steps
  2. Go to a step you want to appear condtionally
  3. Toggle enable conditions (bottom of step form)
  4. Select the step you are referencing (reference step)
  5. Select the variant/asset the user needs to select to show the step (expected variant)
  6. Add as many varients as you require
  7. Save workflow

Commonly used to offer extra personalisation options. You set a question step with a YES/NO answer to the extra you want to offer. Then you create a step with the extra personalisation component and set it to only render if the user selects YES to the question step.


An example of conditions in use is on this knife workflow. At the start of the workflow a question is asked if they want to customize the knifes together or seperare. Depending what the user chooses, all steps that follow are conditional depending on their choice.