Upload Image

Upload Step

This step allows the user to upload images to their products.

User Image Uploads

Set an area (region) on your product to allow the user to upload their image. You set the area the user uploads by selecting a frame from your assets folder. A frame is an SVG that is coloured grey (for aesthetics) that we use to identify the area an uploaded image will fill. If you want your upload area to be a square or rectangle you don't need to use a frame, simply set your desired regions.

This can be any shape you please, even broken up into pieces. Users can zoom in and out as well as re-position to set the image in the exact spot. This is then cropped into the pdf and supplied to you the merchant upon order so no set up is required.

How to Use

  1. Add the step type
  2. Fill out the Step Name and Help Text
  3. If you would like to offer the user multiple frame shapes to choose from, either select an option from the drop down (see options help for how to create an option), start adding variants to create a new option or set a default frame if you dont want to offer the user choice.
  4. Set your attributes. It's simple. (this needs to be deleted)
  5. Don't forget to save the workflow when you are finished.