Silent Step

Silent Step

This is an image or SVG that is placed into the artwork that cannot be edited by the consumer in anyway. Used on personalized products where a brand or product owner wants to maintain branding control over the cosumers end product. This step does not render in the workflow to the user and loads in with the 3D model on start-up.

Complexity = Intermediate


Your Brand Name - Where the name of your product needs to appear in a fixed position to maintain brand integrity. Label Details - User can input name or an image logo but cant change the base label to maintain brand integrity. Set a Defined Background - Where the artwork for the background is a fundamental part of the product desigin and shouldnt be changed.

Note: The silent step should only be used where you require the content in this step to be printed. If printing is not required and the content is always required to be there for display purposes we can make this content into the 3D model.

How to Create

  1. Click on Add Silent Step within a workflow.
  2. Add your default asset. No options or variants in this step as it is not a step that is rendered to the consumer.
  3. Save step.

This step could be part of the standard workflow available to all or it could be linked as a conditional step by clicking the conditional button at the bottom of the step setting it to only appear when a particular variant in a previous step is selected.

Customization or Personalization?

The silent step is a personalization. The added content is printed onto or transferred on your product and therefore a pdf is created by Spiff for your fulfilment needs.