Patchworks allows users to create a unique background or region from a predefined set of SVG's. Patchworks randomly extract a unique portion of your chosen deisgn by scaling and rotating around the object to display different perpectives of the same art.

Unique Art

Do you have a detailed graphic or a large mosaic picture? If so, using patchworks you can give every person a unique portion of that image to set in your product. Most popular examples have been Mosaic Diet Coke or Mosaic Nutella. Check your assets repository, we give a few examples to use for free!

Complexity = Advanced (only in that you need a highly detailed image for this step to be effective)


Check out this bag to see patchworks in action.

How to Create

  1. Add patchworks step within a workflow.
  2. Add your Title (E.g. Artistict background).
  3. Add your Help Text (E.g. Get your own unique piece of this famous art as a background to your customized bottle).
  4. Add your option by either selecting a pre-made option or create a new one by clicking add variant (Art Mosaic 1, Art Mosaic 2 etc).
  5. Save Step.

Important note: Spiff provides you with examples that you can use in your workflow. Simply go to options and create a patchwork option and link the variants in the patchworks folder.

This step could be part of the standard workflow available to all or it could be linked as a conditional step by clicking the conditional button at the bottom of the step setting it to only appear when a particular variant in a previous step is selected.