Model Step

Model Step

Model steps are used to show different models or areas of models in a workflow.

For Example

The shirt configurator product on our demo store uses the model step to change what kind of collar, cuffs and placket a shirt has.

You can use this step to customize any kind of model you like. You can also add new models to the scene when used with a condition step.

Another Example

In this example we have a wine bottle, the customer can choose to add a wine box for extra cost. The model step is used to update the scene and show their updated selection.

Witout -

With -

Setting Up

To set up your model step ensure that you have uploaded any of the glb's you wish to use into our assets. Go to your workflow and add your model step.

You now set this up like any other step. Fill in your general information and add your desired glb's to the options.