Color Step

Color steps are used to give your consumer a choice over the colors of your product or a portion of a region of your product as below image.


Garment Color - The color of your jumper, shorts, bottle, phone, etc.

Material Color - What color is the material color of your chair, watch, etc?

How to Create

  1. Click on Add Color within a workflow
  2. Add your title (E.g. laces)
  3. Add your Help Text (choose the color of the laces of your shoes)
  4. Add your option by either selecting a pre-made option or create a new one by clicking add variant (red, green, blue, pink, etc). Hex codes can be added.
  5. Save step

This step could be part of the standard workflow available to all or it could be linked as a conditional step by clicking the conditional button at the bottom of the step setting it to only appear when a particular variant in a previous step is selected.

Customization or Personalization?

The color step can be used as either, For choosing stocked material colors it is a customization, or when choosing the color of a background to a greeting card it is a personalization as the color will need to be printed.