Bespoke Fonts

Give an illustrated look to user generated text

Used mostly by large brands who want to allow their consumers to place a name on a selected product.

Complexity = Advanced


  • Vegemite - Personalize your own vegemite jar
  • Allens Lollies - Personalize your own Tin of Allen's Lollies
  • Favourites - Personalize your own Favourites chocolates.

In each of the above examples, spiff illustrated a font which was created to simulate the brands logo text.

How to Create

  • Click on Add Bespoke Font Step within a workflow.
  • Add your Title (E.g. Tote Bag Material)
  • Add your Help Text (E.g. Choose the Material you would like for your Bag)
  • Add your default asset or option (if you have more than one text you are offering)
  • Save Step

Important note: A Bespoke font is required in your assets folder before you can use this step. Contact spiff directly by booking a meeting to get a quote to have us create one for you.

This step could be part of the standard workflow available to all or it could be linked as a conditional step by clicking the conditional button at the bottom of the step setting it to only appear when a particular variant in a previous step is selected.

Customization or Personalization ?

The Bespoke Font step is a personalization. The consumers content is printed onto or transferred on your product and therefore a pdf is created by spiff for your fulfilment needs.