Add Text

Text Step

This step is used to add text to users designs.

Adding Text Step

This step type allows you to set defined areas (regions) on your product that you would like them to be able to personalize. One of the most common step types used on the Spiff platform, Add Text allows you set a number of configurations which give you the ability to completely control the experience you have always wanted to deliver.


  • Size
  • Color Selection - On/Off
  • Set Max Width (meaning text resizes to fit within that width)
  • Set Max/Min Characters
  • Set Case - Uppercase, Lowercase, Titlecase
  • Vertical Text
  • Force a Single Font or Provide a List of Fonts
  • Alignment - Left, Right, Centered

Take a look at some examples of the finished product.

How to Use

  1. Add the step type
  2. Fill out the Step Name and Help Text
  3. Then either select and option from the drop down (see options help for how to create an option), start adding variants to create a new option or set a default option if you dont want to offer the user choice.
  4. Set your attributes. It's simple.
  5. Don't forget to save the workflow when you are finished.