Question Step

These steps are used when you need to ask your customers a question. You can have these steps as simple text or add images.

Ask a Question

Used to give your consumer a choice that does not affect the product display.


  • Sizes - Choice of shirt, jeans, shorts, shoes, etc.
  • Upselling - Would you like the product gift wrapped?
  • Reference for Conditional Step - Would you like to include extra images and text on the back?

How to Create

  • Click on Add Step within a workflow.
  • Add your Title (E.g. Extra: Add personalisation to sleeve)
  • Add your Help Text (You have personalised the front of your shirt, personalise the sleeve for only $5 extra)
  • Add your option by either selecting a pre-made option or create a new one by clicking add variant (YES,NO)
  • Save Step

Then you create your text step allowing the user to add a message to the sleeve and set a condition to make it only appear if the consumer selects yes to the above question step.

Customization or Personalization ?

Whilst the question step is a customization, when used as condtional pre-cursor, it can lead to personalization steps.