Illustrations are vector graphics drawn in Adobe Illustrator or programs like it. Once the vector is ready to be used it is then exported into SVG's (scaleable vector graphic).

Adding Illustrustions

This step type is easy and powerful to use. Take options you have set up with a list of illustrations SVG'S, [Vector] and give users the ability to add them to their designs and change all colors to suit their tastes.

Some examples of illustrations are:

Mostly used to either add clipart illustrations to augment a design or more creatively to add detail and vibrance to the product desgin.

Illustration Attributes

  • Set Size
  • Set Default Illustration
  • Size
  • Color Picker - On/Off
  • Set Custom Color Lists

    How to Use

  1. Add the step type
  2. Fill out the Step Name and Help Text
  3. Either select and option from the drop down (see options help for how to create an option), start adding variants to create a new list of illustrations or set a default illustration if you dont want to offer the user choice.
  4. Set your attributes as above.
  5. Don't forget to save the workflow when you are finished.