The item you wish to offer for customization or Personalization.

To create a product, Click on the create products button on the home page of the hub. This button is also available in the products Tab in the top right corner.

For Shopify users this will link to the products in your store. You then simply select the relevant product and it will be imported into spiff

For Eccommerce providers outside of Shopify, The create product button will ask you to fill out product details and save.

Once this is done your product exists in spiff. Now all you need to do is link a 3D model and a workflow and you are done.

Products can be enabled and disabled in your store by clicking on the edit product button and uncchecking or checking the box and saving.

Other Features inside the Product Form:

  1. Test design experiences you create before you add them to you store by clicking the 'CREATE DESIGN' button
  2. Set Product to 'AUTO ORDER' to run tests on your products output file without checking out of the cart. When this box is checked an order will be submitted as a 'QUICKPRINT' in your orders page once you click Finish Order in the workflow. Remember to uncheck this box when you want to test orders through to the cart. Note: General customers are unaffected by this checkbox and will proceed through the customer journey as normal.
  3. Set all orders to 'Auto Print'. This setting will automatically route orders through to your selected fulfilment process.