Materials are used to create different kinds of surfaces on exising 3D models. For example you might have a shoe where you want a customer to choose between different kinds of leathers and have this update on the model. For example:

Hatched Leather -

Alligator Leather -

We use materials as the composition of the surface of an object. Therefore you can create a model that's surface looks like anything you want.

Creating a Material in Spiff

To create a material you need to first have the PNG or JPG you wish to use uploaded into the Images asset section.

Once you have this upload head over to your Materials tab and click the Create New Asset button in the top right. Here you can add your PNG/JPG and name your material. Generally you only need to add your PNG/JPG to the Albedo channel.

When using materials on your models you will no longer be able to add steps on top of the materials becase they will not show. If you want to add text/images/etc to your model we reccomend using a Color Step or a Image Step instead.

More Detail

Whilst materials are assets saved in the asset repository, they do not operate the same way in which the other assets do.

Materials are a combination of different images laid on top of each other (MAPS) that together help to simulate a textured surface.
Once saved into your materials tab as an asset, easily use them with an option to give your users choice over surfaces and finishes of your products.