Spiff Concepts


The Spiff experience is administered from the Spiff HUB and delivered to the merchants consumers via the Spiff 3D product Customizer.

Upon Integration with the spiff platform, you get access to both apps within the spiff suite of products.

Spiff 3D Product Customizer

The customisation interface for your consumers is delivered out of the box via an iframe. You can see from the below image of our demo shopify site that the customizer opens as a pop-up modal on over the top of the product page.

Spiff is opaque to the merchants consumers. We do not redirect to a new page. A consumer never leaves the merchants store.

The iframe loads when the spiff plugin is called, usually via a PERSONALIZE NOW button that is rendered on the merchants products page.

The way in which this button is inserted into your store theme differs between ecommerce platforms. Here are the links for our platforms we have Integrated with:

Shopify Personalise Now Button Customization Wordpress Personalise Now Button Customization

Outside of these two platforms a developer is required to interact with our API's for integration. In this case, the way in which spiff is called is completely customizable by the merchant.

In simpler terms, merchants use spiff to offer customization of their products.

Spiff Mantra - simulating the instore experience

Spiff Hub

Merchants configure design experiences through the SPIFF HUB. Access to the spiff hub is provided upon installation of the plugin onto your ecommerce store.

From spiff hub a merchant can:

  • Link to existing products in their store that they want to offer customization on
  • Builds workflows - configurable design steps displayed in the customer facing Spiff 3D product customizer
  • Uploads 3Dmodels - used
  • Request Assets to be created e.g. 3D models, fonts, illustrations etc
  • Create Options with Variants
  • Set custom pricing
  • Save Assets (fonts, frames, illustrations, images, 3D models, patchworks)