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14th May 2020 SpiffBlog For Techinical details Add Text

Text Attributes

Spiff contniues is journey towards allowing merchants full control over their workflows. Within the Add Text step in a workflow you can now:

  • Max Length - Set Maximum number of characters in a text field
  • Default Text Color - Set the default text colour when the consumer loads the workflow
  • Enable Color Picker - This allows the consumer to change the color of the text field in the workflow
  • Enforce Uppercase - Forces any text typed by the consumer to be UPPERCASE
  • Vertical Text - Text appears top to bottom instead of left to right
  • Text Justification - Centre, Left and Right

How to get to the Add text step

  • Log into spiff hub
  • Click on Workflows
  • Either click on an exisiting workflow or create new
  • Click Add Step or open an exisiting text step
  • scroll down the step form to find Text Attributes