Themes are an integral part of our software, they are what controls the look and feel of your workflows. We are constantly building new themes, and improving our existing ones. Currently, we have three main themes called Default, Beeline and Orbi. Each one of these themes are built for different types of merhcants. Read below to find out which one suits you.

These themes can be updated in Spiff Hub through your integrations. Updating you theme will change all your workflows on all devices.


As suggested by the name, this is our defualt theme that a new merchant will automatically be set up with. This theme is purpose built for workflows that require focus and each and every step. Similar to the way Google's forms work, this theme opens and closes each step as you are working on it to ensure none are missed. This is done by using drop downs, so when you have finished working on your step, you close it and the next one opens.


The Beeline theme is designed to be simialar how social media UI works. It continuosly scrolls, and has all steps open at all times. This theme is suited to workflows that are simple and don't contain too many steps.


The Orbi theme is suited for merchants with more complicated workflows. This theme is a clean way to have a large amount of steps within a workflow, without users having to click through every single step. You can easily go back and forth between scenes in this theme, making it easy to skip steps or go back and update a step.