Print Server

===# Installing The Spiff Print Server


Windows 10 however earlier versions should also work. 8GB Ram. 4GB might be passable. 10-20 GB Approx Free Hard Drive Space allowing for PDF downlaods. Optional: A printer that is installed with a working print driver.

Steps To Install Print Server

  1. Download the print gui 3.2
  2. Download the print server 3.1.1
  3. Show in your finder and begin the installation process
  4. Make sure that all the pre-requisite programs are installed as per the image below

  5. Click Install to begin the intallation process.
  6. When the installation is complete, check the box to open the spiff printer service agent and click finish
  7. The spiff interface will now load. You now need to enter your configurations starting on the general page

  8. Next install the print server as a windows service. Open a command prompt in administrator mode
  9. Change the directory to the install location of the print server. In this case execute the command cd c:\Program Files\spiff-print-server
  10. To install the service run the executable print-server.exe install. Note this step may say "complete" even if the service is not installed.
  11. Verify the install. Open windows services. Start -> Administration Tools -> Services
  12. Find the service "Spiff Printer Agent" in the service list and start it. Note if the service does not appear this is most likely due to an issue with step 6. Repeat step 6 and ensure that the command prompt is running in administrator mode.
  13. Double Click on the Spiff Print Server service and open the User TAB and enter the user credentials in the log in and password fields.
  14. Verify everything works by sending a test print. Allow up to 30 seconds for the PDF file to land on your machine.
  15. Verify the PDF is as expected.

Note: When the machine is attached to a domain, ensure that both Ghostscript and the Spiff Print Server are installed on the same domain account.

Steps To Create Individual Folders by Product

Step 1 - Open the App.Config File for the print Server Step 2 - add the following line <productionDownloadFolder123-123-123-123>e:\some\location</productionDownloadFolder123-123-123-123> where 123-123-123-123 = product Id from spiff and e:\some\location is the location of the folder on the hard drive of the computer
Step 3 - Repeat this process for each product
Step 4 - Save the File
Step 5 - Restart the Service

Sample App Config File

 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

<commandLineArgs>-sDEVICE=mswinpr2 -dORIENT1=false -dNOPROMPT -dPrinted -dBATCH -dNOPAUSE -dNOSAFER -q </commandLineArgs>
<defaultPrinterName>Brother DCP-1510 series</defaultPrinterName>
<downloadFolder>C:\File Location\Downloads</downloadFolder>
<gsPrintExecutable>C:\Program Files\gs\gs9.23\bin\gswin64c.exe</gsPrintExecutable>
<!--Main products-->
<productDownloadFoldercbf29963-3eb6-444a-8f09-d6fb191c18f4>C:\File Location\FoklderName</productDownloadFoldercbf29963-3eb6-444a-8f09-d6fb191c18f4>
<productDownloadFolderebde6100-2a99-44b8-ae6f-86c513a5ab23>C:\File Location\FoklderName</productDownloadFolder**ebde6100-2a99-44b8-ae6f-86c513a5ab23>

Configruation Settings

The print server is configured with XML and is found in the App.config file. The following is an incomplete list of the configuration items that are avaiable.

name value notes
location string The id of the spiff location. This should be set from within the hub
doPrinting boolean True if the PDF needs to be sent to the preconfigured print device. You will need to make sure the printer name has been set correctly
productionDownloadFolder${id} string The path to the folder of the product that has the ID within the tag. Note this will be moved to an attribute in the future
printerCount number The number of attached printers to the current print server. These will be printed to using a round robin stragity to increase thoughput. Make sure each printier in the cluster is named ${printerName}_1, ${printName}_2 etc etc

Uninstalling The Print Server

Step 1 - Open the Command Prompt in Administrator mode
Step 2 - Change Directory to the Current Spiff Print Server cd c:\ProgramFiles\Spiff-Print-Server-xx Step 3 - type in print-server.exe uninstall
Step 4 - Ensure Spiff Print Server Agrent does not appear in the Services Window anymore.
Step 5 - Delete the Folder in program Files

Steps To Install Ghost Script.

Note: Ghost script is only required if prints need to be sent direclty to a printer. If there is some other software device that handles printing from a hot folder these steps can be skipped.

  1. Click the link to Download Ghostscript 9.23 for the 64 bit version. You should not ever install the 32 bit version.
  2. Double click the installer
  3. Hit the next button until the installer is done. Default settings are fine and nothing more needs to be done in GhostScript.